1. cement production line

          Flexible EPC Project Models

          ? Supply 300-10000 t/d cement plant as you need!


          The Chinese leading cement plant manufacturer

          Cement plant is necessary for cement production, mainly consist of a series of cement equipment apply for preparation of cement raw materials, clinker production, and finished cement production, such as cement mill, cement crusher, rotary kiln, cement roller press, cement dryer, clinker cooler, cement silo, and related cement plant equipment. AGICO CEMENT is a cement plant manufacturer who owns ability to manufacture cement equipment and provide EPC turnkey project for cement plant.?

          cement plant
          4 Solid reasons why you should buy cement plant equipment from chinese supplier.
          • China is the leader in global cement production. Its production reach 2.4 billion metric tons in 2018.
          • China produced over half of the cement for the world.?
          • China has not only become a big cement producer, but also a powerful country with equipment and technology of extra-large cement solution.
          • AGICO Cement is a cement plant manufacturer who has rich experience of EPC project for cement plant.

          HOT-SALE Cement Equipment

          Single cement equipment & units for wet or dry cement production for your choice!

          cement raw material production

          The cement crusher and cement mill grind cement raw material into the raw mix as cement plant required. Pre-homogenization is also completed in this section.

          The clinker production process raw material into cement clinker by cyclone preheater, precalciner, cement rotary kiln, cement dryer, clinker cooler and other cement equipment.

          After cement clinker production, finished cement is ground by cement grinding plant from cement clinker, and it can be stored in cement silo or packed in bags for easy transportation.


          Cement plant or single cement equipment of AGICO Cement is applicable for various kind of cement manufacturing, such as portland cement, white cement, quick setting cement, oil-welled cement, and etc.

          Oil-welled cement

          ?Expansive cement

          Masonry cement

          Quick setting cement

          White cement

          Sulfate resistant cement

          Why choose us?

          turnkey EPC project

          To ensure the quality of cement plant, cost-saving and high working efficiency will get more benefits.?

          On-schedule deliveries

          We offers a professional project management approach that focuses on critical project tasks to keep the project on-schedule.?

          Strict quality control

          We have a professional research and development department to ensure the quality of cement equipment.

          One-stop service

          AGICO devotes to providing pre-sale and the post-sale service for customers by the whole effective solution.

          Our Production Equipment

          AGICO Cement is a cement plant manufacturer with production capacity of 30,000 tons of equipments and structure parts and 20,000 tons of casting parts.own production equipment of? Φ8m Vertical Lathe, Φ10m gear rolling machine, 8m Gantry milling machine, 200mm floor-type boring and milling machine,120×3200mm bending machine, 150t crane and 40t electric furnace.?

          Gear Rolling Machine
          Vertical Lathe
          Gantry Milling Machine
          rolling machine
          Large automatic welding machine
          Mid-frequency electric oven
          Flame Cutting machine
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